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The Biggest Players In The NFL Right Now, Ranked

Updated 7 Feb 2020 8.4k views60 items

List RulesVote up the top players who weight more than 325 pounds.

Football is a sport about big men using their size and strength to dominate their opponents on the field, and the heaviest NFL players right now are using every pound of muscle on their frame to succeed on the gridiron. Some of these players are big and round and hold down the center of their teams' offenses, while others are just tall, muscular giants who provide the attacking power of solid defenses.

Yes, many of these players could be considered the fattest in the league, but but they still have all of the athleticism and physical prowess of their more svelte teammates. No one's making fat jokes about  the largest defensive stars like Linval Joseph, Damon "Snacks" Harrison, and Al Woods, who all tip the scales at more than 325 pounds. On the offensive side, players like lineman Patrick Omameh and Quenton Nelson provide the big bodies that provide lanes for running backs to go through and time for quarterbacks to throw.

But who are the best heavy football players in the league right now? Who are the biggest big men helping their teams get a leg up on the competition with their size and strength? Vote below and help decide which of these players deserves to be at top of the list.

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