The Best Videos of Politicians V. Hecklers Ever  

Mel Judson
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There is a longstanding tradition in the world of politics for politicians to be heckled. Whether political hecklers pop up at a stump speech, a campaign event, a local rally, a town hall meeting, or a photo op, a senator or governor or president must always be prepared to handle hecklers. This list of politicians vs. hecklers (with videos of each incident!) compiles some of the best moments of politicians going head-to-head with the hecklers in their audiences. 

The results range from the hilarious to the inspiring to the downright awkward. President Barack Obama has made it known that he often will respond to hecklers, although he got rather upset in 2015 when someone heckled him in the actual White House. Presidents Reagan and Clinton also had to deal with hecklers, though their incidents came pre-Internet, not going viral (until now!), while the Obama heckler has probably gone onto social media infamy. Good luck to the heckler meaning to make his or her point heard: all we will remember are the great moments when politicians reacted.

Upvote the politicians who handled their hecklers the best and made it known that they won't tolerate these kinds of outbursts. Whether the heckler meaning is nefarious or well-intentioned, they've all resulted in some pretty fun politicial videos.
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The Tea Party vs. Elizabeth Warren is a memorable heckler moment from 2011, as Warren tries to reason with the man until epic discomfort sets in.

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Chris Christie got famous by yelling at hecklers, so enjoy this particular wonderful moment in which the New Jersey governor looks like he's about to smack down the heckler in question physically, instead of just verbally.

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The President of the United States makes Joe Biden, and a large crowd, laugh and cheer as he reminds a heckler that he is a guest in his home, and that his home just so happens to be the White House.

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Ronald Reagan thrilled audiences when he shut down a heckler on November 3, 1980 with a cadence and style that resulted in laughter and cheers from constituents.

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