All Of Heidi Klum's Best Halloween Costumes Over The Years

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Heidi Klum goes all out on Halloween. The German supermodel hosts an annual Halloween party and is sure to never be upstaged by any of her celebrity friends. Here are 17 of Klum’s best costumes ever.

In 2016, the America’s Got Talent judge showed up to her event with five Heidi Klum clones, in what may be one of the most original Halloween costumes ever. One year, she came dressed as the sexiest vampire on the planet, another year she skipped the sexy route all together, and showed up as the 95-year-old version of herself. Klum is always willing to sit in a makeup chair for hours and disappear into her costume. Just check out her version of Jessica Rabbit from 2015, it’s so well-crafted that she’s completely unrecognizable.

One thing is for sure, whether they're enticing or a little disturbing, these pieces are works of wearable art. Check out all of Heidi Klum’s varying costumes below. Which one would you be willing to try your hand at this Halloween?