The Biggest Heisman Busts of All Time

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The worst Heisman Trophy winners certainly excelled in the college game but failed at the next level. The biggest Heisman disappointments hail from some of the most storied programs in college football, and while many Heisman Trophy winners had great NFL careers (players like Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen and Tony Dorsett), others peaked in college and were just never the same. The biggest Heisman busts were of course high draft picks but quite obviously failed to live up to expectations. Heisman busts like Matt Leinart and Andre Ware could fall into the category of enormously disappointing QBs. Other Heisman Trophy failures in the NFL were running backs (like Rashaan Salaam and Archie Griffin) that never matched their college success at the pro level. There have been many Heisman Trophy busts over the year but which one do you think is the biggest? Vote now for the most disappointing Heisman Trophy winner!
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