Here Are All Of Helena Bonham Carter's Most Dramatic Character Transformations  

Eric Luis
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Helena Bonham Carter arguably takes the prize for being the most versatile actress in Hollywood; she possesses an acting range that few others can even hope to match. Fascinating in movies and in her private life, Carter carves her own unique nitch on the big screen. Her personality and outstanding performances contributed to the 13-year relationship she shared with Tim Burton. But even after their split, the pair contiued to work together.

Carter earned her cult following, and it's not hard to see why. Her transformative approach to acting puts her in a league of her own; she's the obvious choice for many larger than life characters. From the brooding and erratic portrayal of Marla Singer in Fight Club to the depiction of a well-mannered ape scientist in Planet of the Apes, there is no role Carter cannot master.

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