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Hell Is A Real Place And It's A Small Town In Michigan

Usually, when someone refers to a place as "Hell on Earth," it's hyperbole,  but if they live in Michigan, chances are they are being literal. If you ever wondered what Hell is like, you might want to visit the small town of Hell, Michigan. 

The weird, eerily-named small town is a real place – and it turns out it Hell is really nice. The townspeople have not only embraced its name, they've used it to milk a profit in every conceivable way. Here are a few funny stories about the unbelievable real town of Hell, Michigan.

  • They've Turned The Town Into A Tourist Attraction

    There are a few ways Hell, Michigan could have gone with their name: ignore it, embrace it, or change it. It's clear where the vote landed as Hell utilizes their town's novel name to its fullest. Everything in Hell is twisted and played with in order to make the most of "Hell" and the connotations that come with it. 

  • Anyone Can Be Mayor... For A Day

    In Hell, anyone can be mayor for a day or even just an hour. Pay a fee and you'll find yourself running the rural town for a short while. One can be kind and forgiving or turn into a dictator and get impeached. Either way, they kick you out, but your reign over Hell can be a memorable one. 

  • Turns Out Hell Has Beautiful Lakes

    Not only is Hell a rural wonder with an area begging to be explored, but there are even a series of lakes and rivers that one can peruse. If one is so inclined they can hope aboard a kayak or canoe and cruise on down to Hell's dam

  • You Can Buy A Piece Of Hell

    If you're interested in real estate or just taking a gag too far, you can buy a little piece of Hell for yourself. Yeah, it may just be a jar of dirt or a piece of paper that holds no real value, but hey, it's a fun souvenir.