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The Most Violent Moments From 'Hellboy' Comics

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Gore may not be the first thing to come to mind when most people think of Mike Mignola's long-running Hellboy comic series from Dark Horse, but the R-rating of Neil Marshall's film adaptation is a reminder that there are plenty of violent Hellboy moments in the comics. In order to fight monsters, you sometimes have to become a monster. Disturbing scenes are present even in ordinary superhero series, let alone horror comics like Hellboy. While Mignola's comics may emphasize atmosphere, there's no shortage of graphic imagery within their pages, from Hellboy's appearance on Earth during WWII to his apocalyptic fight with the Blood Queen to his adventures in Hell itself.

The most violent Hellboy scenes from Seed of Destruction to Hellboy in Hell and beyond certainly set the groundwork for Marshall's motion picture. 

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    Hellboy Takes His Anger Out On Giants

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    Hellboy rides out with the titular hunting party in The Wild Hunt and is betrayed with an electrified lance. When he comes to, he is surrounded by a band of giants who have slain the rest of the members of the Hunt. In one of the worst encounters of his career, Hellboy flies into a rage, takes up the broken sword of one of the giants, and slays all of them. 

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    Frankenstein's Monster Tears A Guy's Leg Off

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    During Hellboy's "lost weekend," a months-long bender that Hellboy took in Mexico in 1956, he ran afoul of a mad scientist who had acquired Frankenstein's monster from a traveling circus. Of course, the scientist, egged on by demons, wants Hellboy to face the monster in a wrestling ring, which he does. 

    When the two contenders are not entertaining enough for his liking, the scientist's hunchbacked sidekick, Tupo, whips the poor monster. In response, the creature grabs Tupo by the leg and tears it off.

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    Gruagach Tries To Take His Own Life

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    Not all of the barbaric moments in Hellboy are grand or epic. In "The Corpse," one of the earliest Hellboy short stories, he makes an enemy in Gruagach, a fairy who he singes with iron and who is ultimately transformed into a pig-man. Gruagach leads the other fairies to resurrect Nimue, the Queen of Blood. When he realizes what he has wrought, however, Gruagach attempts to take his own life only to find that a curse placed on him by Merlin has made him immortal. 

    When Hellboy comes across Gruagach, he attempts to put his old enemy out of his misery, but even emptying a clip into the pig-man isn't enough to do the trick. Though he has done terrible things, his end - or lack thereof - is heartbreaking.

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    A Monkey Shoots Abe Sapien 

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    "Is that a monkey?" Abe Sapien asks as the chimp - who was once Count Guarino - peers around a darkened corner in the Hellboy story "Box Full of Evil." Hellboy notices the piece just before the chimp fires several shots, hitting Abe in the shoulder and side. It's a three-panel sequence that has become one of the most beloved in the Hellboy canon, but it's also only the beginning of things going very wrong for Hellboy and Abe.

    The chimp chains Abe up and uses a hot iron brand against him while Hellboy is incapacitated by his true name and taken on by Igor Bromhead, the occultist who set the story into motion using the iron tongs St. Dunstan employed to capture Ualac. Ultimately, Ualac stops Bromhead from ending Hellboy, opting instead to fight the title character himself, who snaps off his own horns and uses them to impale the demon. Bromhead, meanwhile, finds himself half-transformed into a lizard and bricked up in a wall. It doesn't really pay to mess with occult forces in the Hellboy universe.

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