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These Earthly Items And Places Are Said To Come Straight From The Devil  

Jodi Smith
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Just as holy relics and locations throughout the world are said to be blessed by deities on the side of "good," other areas and objects are alleged to originate from Satan himself. Instead of blessed saints appearing to help those in need, numerous pieces of architecture around the globe are said to be products of deals with the Devil, made to assist or ensure each structure's completion. Christianity has the Shroud of Turin - said to have enrobed Jesus Christ following the crucifixion - while the ancient Codex Gigas in Stockholm is believed to be a text completed with the assistance of Satan himself.

Along with these manmade items, there are several natural features in England, the US, and around the globe that claim their name and existence as a direct result of Satan's actions. The infamous "footprint of the Devil" marks multiple locations worldwide, and stone formations stand in the spot where witnesses to a sibling-marriage - allegedly ordered by Satan - met their end in Serbia. Each of these items and places named for Satan bears its own tale of his involvement, adding a sinister yet intriguing pull for possible tourists seeking proof the Devil truly exists in the details.

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Codex Gigas (The Devil's Bible... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list These Earthly Items And Places Are Said To Come Straight From The Devil
Photo: Herman the Recluse/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain
Codex Gigas (The Devil's Bible)

The Codex Gigas is a 620-page manuscript created by an anonymous monk during the 13th century. It includes the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, along with information about exorcisms and other non-religious topics. The strangest entry of the sizable book is page 577, on which a full-color illustration of a devilish being resides.

Legend claims the monk, called Herman the Recluse, somehow broke the vows of his order and, as a result, he was sentenced to live burial within a wall. In exchange for his life, Herman offered to create the Codex Gigas, a tome filled with all of the world's knowledge. In order to finish the manuscript in one night - his order's allotted timeframe - Herman sold his soul to Satan and included the mysterious illustration to pay homage to the Antichrist.

The Devil's Footprint In Maine is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list These Earthly Items And Places Are Said To Come Straight From The Devil
Photo: Daniel Johnston/Kennebec County Paranormal Society/Fair Use
The Devil's Footprint In Maine

An unspecified number of years ago, a crew of workers building a road in Maine encountered a large boulder on their site that they could not budge. One of the workers allegedly climbed to the top of the boulder and promised his soul to the Devil if it could be moved. Mysteriously, the next day, the boulder had indeed moved and the worker was nowhere to be found. 

Aside from the strange circumstances of the object's transport, the remaining crew was stumped by another curiosity: two reddish imprints left in the stone. Those who saw the marks named them "the Devil's Footprint."

The boulder bearing the infamous indentations sits as part of a cemetery's fence near Maine's North Manchester Meeting House. Locals claim ghostly apparitions stalk the cemetery where the Devil's marked stone now resides.

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Photo: MOSSOT/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0
Pont Valentré

During the 14th century, Pont Valentré was erected as a three-towered bridge, meant to defend against approaching enemies. Beginning in 1308, the construction took a staggering 70 years to complete, and the towers never fulfilled their purpose in active conflict.

At one point during those 70 years, one of the project's leads allegedly "hired" Satan to construct the bridge. In an effort to trick the Devil, the builder provided only a sieve with which the Devil could carry water to mix the mortar, preventing the structure's completion and indefinitely postponing the man's payment for the bargain. As revenge, Satan appeared to snap off stone edges from the central tower, forcing them to be fixed regularly.

As a nod to the bridge's origins, architect Paul Gout, when repairing the tower in the 19th century, included a carving portraying Satan stealing a stone.

The Devil's Bridge In Wales is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list These Earthly Items And Places Are Said To Come Straight From The Devil
Photo: Mark Kent/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0
The Devil's Bridge In Wales

Most devilish engineering feats include the offering of a soul in exchange for the landmark's construction; in the case of the Devil's Bridge located in Ceredigion, Wales, however, Satan allegedly created the bridge to assist an elderly woman whose cow was sitting on the opposite bank.

The old woman's lament summoned Satan's appearance, as over the span of the Mynach River, no bridges could be built by man. The Devil, disguised as a monk, offered to create a bridge from thin air in exchange for the "first creature" that walked across it.

After the old woman agreed, the bridge appeared, and she threw bread onto the walkway. Her dog followed after it and became the first creature to cross the structure, annoying Satan and prompting his leave.