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These Earthly Items And Places Are Said To Come Straight From The Devil  

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Just as holy relics and locations throughout the world are said to be blessed by deities on the side of "good," other areas and objects are alleged to originate from Satan himself. Instead of blessed saints appearing to help those in need, numerous pieces of architecture around the globe are said to be products of deals with the Devil, made to assist or ensure each structure's completion. Christianity has the Shroud of Turin - said to have enrobed Jesus Christ following the crucifixion - while the ancient Codex Gigas in Stockholm is believed to be a text completed with the assistance of Satan himself.

Along with these manmade items, there are several natural features in England, the US, and around the globe that claim their name and existence as a direct result of Satan's actions. The infamous "footprint of the Devil" marks multiple locations worldwide, and stone formations stand in the spot where witnesses to a sibling-marriage - allegedly ordered by Satan - met their end in Serbia. Each of these items and places named for Satan bears its own tale of his involvement, adding a sinister yet intriguing pull for possible tourists seeking proof the Devil truly exists in the details.

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Teufelsbrucke (The Devil's Bridge)

One of the multiple structures around the globe referred to as "the Devil's Bridge," Teufelsbrucke stands in Andermatt, Switzerland, spanning Schöllenen Gorge and the Reuss River that runs through it. First built in 1230, Teufelsbrucke was refurbished in the 1820s before a more sturdy bridge was erected beside it in the 1950s.

According to a story passed down through generations, the gorge's size and terrain made construction extremely difficult, so a shepherd called out for Satan to make a bridge via supernatural means. Satan responded to the call and struck a bargain with the shepherd, stipulating the first to cross the bridge would pay with their soul. After the shepherd agreed to the terms, Satan conjured the bridge.

To fulfill his end of the bargain, the savvy shepherd sent a goat across Teufelsbrucke, infuriating the Prince of Darkness, who began to smash the bridge with a rock until a woman wearing a cross necklace frightened him away.

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Der Teufelstritt (The Devil's Footprint) In Munich

According to the cathedral's own timeline, Jörg von Halsbach sought to create a new cathedral in Munich, Germany, in 1468. The legend tells that von Halsbach had to enlist Satan as a backer when he was unable to finance the project. The Lord of Darkness then prompted him to build the cathedral without windows, lest he lose his soul to the Devil's whims.

When Satan stepped into the completed cathedral, he was pleased to see little light and no windows. In one version of the tale, he stamps his foot in glee, while another version claims he did so in rage after discovering an optical illusion: strategically placed pillars were simply blocking the large windows von Halsbach had constructed.

The footprint can be seen in a tile on the cathedral floor, still present after multiple renovations to the building. The cathedral's version of the story contends that, after Satan left his immortal print in the floor, he attempted to rend the building, but failed. Supposedly, Satan left a demonic follower in the towers who would continue to wreak havoc on the hallowed ground.

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Djavolja Varoš (Devil's Town) 

Located close to Kuršumlija, Serbia, the Devil's Town consists of over 200 pillars of rock that range from two to 15 meters in height. The location's mythology tells of the Devil's annoyance with the peaceful, happy citizens in the nearby village. He elected to force the villagers to attend the wedding of a brother and sister - a union that qualified as a sin for which the villagers were then culpable.

One end to the legend claims the villagers prayed for God's assistance and received a blustery rainstorm that turned all of the wedding guests into the stone formations seen today. Another version stipulates the villagers conceded to the marriage, and the heaven-sent storm turned them to stone as punishment. In yet another ending, demons were clinging to the villagers' backs to cause mischief, but the imps were turned to stone after a local church prayed for their demise.

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The Goldstone

Legend says Satan rose from Hell to create Devil's Ditch, a deep valley located north of Brighton, England, on South Downs. In an effort to flood the holy buildings of the surrounding towns, Satan dug the 328-foot-deep valley. While digging through the terrain, he stubbed his toe on the goldstone - so named for its composition of sandstone, flint, and tiny pieces of gold - and kicked the boulder in anger.

In the 1800s, many surmised the goldstone was used in Druid rituals. This supposition led tourists to flock to the location, ruining the land where the famed rock lay. The goldstone was moved and buried, though it was rediscovered in 1900 and moved to Hove Park in England.