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The Mind-Boggling Brutality Of The Hello Kitty Murder

Updated 14 Jun 2019 1.2m views12 items

In 1999, a brutal Hong Kong murder made headlines around the world. It came to be known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and the facts of this case were so hard to believe, police weren't even sure if they were true. 

It began when three men and a teenage girl held young mother Fan Man-yee hostage in a filthy apartment decorated with Hello Kitty merchandise. She was subjected to horrifying acts of torture and abuse for an entire month. After the young woman's death, her corpse was abused in unspeakable ways, making it impossible for law enforcement or medical experts to ever determine her exact cause of death.

When the teenage girl who had witnessed and participated in the murder went to the Hong Kong authorities to confess, the police found the teenager's story unbelievable. However, when they searched the vile apartment for evidence to confirm the unimaginable account, they discovered indisputable and bone-chilling proof hidden in a giant Hello Kitty doll. The Hello Kitty manslaughter case and the killing of Fan Man-yee provide a terrifying look into the depraved minds of three men and one teenage girl.

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