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The Mind-Boggling Brutality Of The Hello Kitty Murder

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In 1999, a brutal Hong Kong murder made headlines around the world. It came to be known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and the facts of this case were so hard to believe, police weren't even sure if they were true. 

It began when three men and a teenage girl held young mother Fan Man-yee hostage in a filthy apartment decorated with Hello Kitty merchandise. She was subjected to horrifying acts of torture and abuse for an entire month. After the young woman's death, her corpse was abused in unspeakable ways, making it impossible for law enforcement or medical experts to ever determine her exact cause of death.

When the teenage girl who had witnessed and participated in the murder went to the Hong Kong authorities to confess, the police found the teenager's story unbelievable. However, when they searched the vile apartment for evidence to confirm the unimaginable account, they discovered indisputable and bone-chilling proof hidden in a giant Hello Kitty doll. The Hello Kitty manslaughter case and the killing of Fan Man-yee provide a terrifying look into the depraved minds of three men and one teenage girl.

  • They Cooked Her Remains On The Stove Next To Their Food

    After cutting Fan's corpse in multiple pieces, the men decided to cook her remains to stop her body from decomposing and emitting the unique odor of rotting human flesh. They placed her body parts in a pot of boiling water on the stove, sometimes cooking her remains next to food they were preparing for dinner.

    On at least one occasion, they used the same kitchen utensils to stir their meals as they did the pot containing her severed head. After they boiled Fan's remains, they disposed of most of her body parts by throwing them out with their household garbage, although they did keep some pieces of her corpse.

  • Fan's Severed Head Was Sewn Into The Head Of A Hello Kitty Doll

    After Ah Fong went to the Hong Kong police, officials searched the apartment. While the men had moved out of the flat, a number of belongings were left behind, including a large Hello Kitty mermaid doll.

    When they took the stuffed toy apart, they discovered Fan's severed head had been sewn inside the Hello Kitty doll. They also found a single tooth, which they were later able to connect to Fan, and on top of the canopy of a store located below the flat, officers recovered a bag containing her partially decomposed internal organs.

    With Ah Fong's account of the crimes and the physical evidence recovered from the apartment, Hong Kong officer arrested Chan, Shing-cho, and Wai-Lun in connection with Fan's death.

  • They Forced Fan To Consume Human Waste

    In addition to hitting and kicking Fan, the men abused and tortured her by forcing her to consume human waste. Not only did the gang members urinate into her mouth, they also forced her to eat Chan's teenage girlfriend's feces.

  • They Repeatedly Beat And Burned The Young Woman

    Chan, Shing-cho, Wai-lun, and Ah Fong, tortured Fan by melting straws and dripping the scalding hot liquid plastic onto the soles of her feet. Ah Fong admitted to pouring chili oil onto the burns made by the melted plastic, causing Fan to experience excruciating pain.

    They also bound the young mother's wrists together with electrical wire and suspended her from the ceiling. Then, they beat Fan all over her body with metal pipes and table legs until her head was covered in blood and her fingers were broken.