Unspeakable Times

The Mind-Boggling Brutality Of The Hello Kitty Murder

In 1999, a brutal Hong Kong murder made headlines around the world. It came to be known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and the facts of this case were so hard to believe, police weren't even sure if they were true. 

It began when three men and a teenage girl held young mother Fan Man-yee hostage in a filthy apartment decorated with Hello Kitty merchandise. She was subjected to horrifying acts of torture and abuse for an entire month. After the young woman's death, her corpse was abused in unspeakable ways, making it impossible for law enforcement or medical experts to ever determine her exact cause of death.

When the teenage girl who had witnessed and participated in the murder went to the Hong Kong authorities to confess, the police found the teenager's story unbelievable. However, when they searched the vile apartment for evidence to confirm the unimaginable account, they discovered indisputable and bone-chilling proof hidden in a giant Hello Kitty doll. The Hello Kitty manslaughter case and the killing of Fan Man-yee provide a terrifying look into the depraved minds of three men and one teenage girl.

  • A Trio Of Gang Members Kidnapped Fan Man-Yee To Force Her Into Prostitution

    On March 17, 1999, three members of the triad, an organized crime syndicate in Hong Kong, abducted Fan Man-yee, a 23-year-old nightclub hostess. Before meeting her husband, moving in with him, and becoming a mother, she hung around with members of the triad. During that time, she allegedly stole a wallet of one of the gangsters, which had $4,000 inside it. The wallet belonged to Chan Man-lok, a drug lord of Hong Kong. He wanted the money back - with interest. He, along with Leung Shing-cho, 27; and Leung Wai-Lun, 20; hatched a plan to kidnap the young mother and force her to work as a sex worker.

    Chan intended to take the money Fan made from sex work until he was repaid the amount she owed him. However, their disturbing plan quickly morphed into something even darker and more depraved.

  • The Three Men Tortured Fan For A Month

    Chan enlisted the help of his fellow triad members Shing-cho and Wai-lung to abducted Fan from her home. They took her to Chan's apartment on Granville Road in Hong Kong. The apartment, which the three men shared, was furnished with lots of Hello Kitty products, including sheets, curtains, kitchenware, and a large stuffed toy of the popular cartoon character as a mermaid.

    However, soon after Fan entered the apartment, the trio abandoned the idea of forcing her into prostitution, and instead they began subjecting her to horrific and unrelenting torture. Fan was regularly assaulted and abused in increasingly sadistic and disturbing ways for approximately one month, and never left the apartment alive.

  • The Teenage Girlfriend Of One Of The Men Participated In The Torture

    While Fan was being held against her will and tortured, 34-year-old Chan was dating a 13-year-old girl who regularly visited the Granville Road apartment. The teenager, who is known only as "Ah Fong," not only witnessed the terrifying acts her boyfriend and his fellow gangsters inflicted upon Fan, she also participated in the abuse.

    According to Ah Fong, on one occasion she watched as Chan kicked Fan approximately 50 times, so she joined in by hitting the 23-year-old woman with her hand. The teenager also admitted to committing other acts of torture, and when she was questioned about her motives, she said "I had a feeling it was for fun."

  • They Dismembered Her Dead Body With A Saw

    After being subjected to sadistic torture for an entire month, Ah Fong allegedly discovered Fan was dead. While the three men later tried to argue she died after overdosing on methamphetamines, it's more likely she died from the many injuries she received while imprisoned in the Granville Road apartment, especially since she had reportedly been falling in and out of consciousness in the days leading up to her death.

    After finding Fan's dead body at some point in mid-April, the men placed her corpse in the bathtub and dismembered her with a saw.