Graveyard Shift It's Judgment Day In This New, Very Gory 'Hellraiser' Trailer  

Mick Jacobs

From the depths of hell, the infamous Pinhead returns once again to wreak havoc in the trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment. Naturally, the film includes plenty of scares and gratuitous gore, so viewers beware.

The tenth installment in the Hellraiser series focuses on a criminal investigation into what authorities believe is a brutal serial killer. Naturally, the audience understands the threat itself far outweighs that of a mere human killer.

When the detectives finally realize the Order of Gash is no earthly matter, it becomes too late to back out. Now the three detectives must learn how to survive the torments brought on by Pinhead, the Assessor, and their ghastly Cenobite associates.

Definitely not a film for the faint of heart, but most certainly one for horror and gore aficionados. Watch the trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment below, if you think you can stomach it.