Makeup You'll Love If You're 420 Friendly

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Plenty of makeup fans were disappointed to find out that Rihanna's Fenty Beauty blotting sheets, which were rumored to double as rolling papers, were actually pretty terrible for rolling a joint. Though the musician-turned-beauty mogul hasn't yet ventured into the world of 420-friendly makeup (despite the rumors), plenty of indie companies have stepped in to celebrate our affinity for the devil's lettuce.

You know what happens to a brain on marijuana, but what about a face? Marijuana makeup almost always utilizes hemp seed oil, which is ultra-hydrating and can heal dry, blotchy skin (say goodbye to those patchy red spots!). Some makeup for weed lovers even contains CBD oil, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Other weed makeup simply celebrates our love for glitter and cannabis leaves. Hey, not everything has to have a medicinal purpose, right?

These 420-friendly makeup products are pretty darn chill – almost as chill as lighting up your vape pen and watching some Netflix.

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  • The latest in the Kush line from Milk Makeup is the Kush Lip Glaze, a "high shine lip mask" designed to be worn at night to hydrate the lips. Pairing the conditioning properties of hemp-derived cannabis oil with jojoba and olive oils, plus shea, cocoa and mango butters, this deep hydrating gloss goes on with a slick green tint and the faint flavor of sage and peppermint oil.

  • For the weed-lover on the go, Milk Makeup's Roll + Blot blotting papers are a two-in-one. Get rid of excess oil and roll a fat jay with the same product! Each $10 book comes with 100 sheets that Milk urges you to use as "blotting papers, rolling papers, or delicate love letters."

  • Weed-Infused Lip Balm By GOODWITCH
    Photo: Refinery29 / Pinterest

    GOODWITCH pushes the boundaries of self-care with her healing marijuana-infused products. This secretive, underground company handcrafts THC-infused lip balms, oil sprays, and personal lubricant out of an apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

    Since recreational weed still isn't legal in New York, GOODWITCH products are only available through the underground. Though the anonymous creator behind the products has been featured on major fashion and beauty sites like Refinery29, how to get your hands on her coveted, healing lip balm remains a highly-protected secret.

  • CBD Healing Skin Balm By Cannuka
    Photo: Cannuka

    Cannuka's ultra-rich balm nourishes and protects dry skin with honey and cannabis CBD, derived from hemp. Its calming properties are great for easily irritated skin, and it's gentle enough to be used everyday. You can try it yourself for $58.

  • NYX is trusted by makeup artists and drug store beauty shoppers alike, so you know it's quality and affordable. It's also subtly 420-friendly, thanks to a shade of the brand's highly-pigmented Hot Singles eyeshadow named "Kush." This dark, matte green is bold while being totally wearable. Plus, it retails for just $3.15.

  • Cherry Kush Lip Balm By Nirvanatastic
    Photo: Etsy

    What's better than cherry Chapstick? A weed-themed cherry Chapstick packed with healing hemp seed oil. This adorable lip balm, in the aptly named flavor "Cherry Kush," is ultra-hydrating. The packaging is also super cute. Who doesn't love aliens and tie dye? Get it from Etsy for $1.50.