Ari Aster's Gutting Horror Film 'Hereditary' May Have Been Just As Scary Behind The Scenes

Spoiler Alert: This article touches upon Hereditary's plot, ending, and most shocking scenes.

Based on the unsettling stories from the filming of Hereditary, the movie might have been as scary behind the scenes as it is to watch. Ari Aster's feature debut is a master class of emotional manipulation. Hailed as the most frightening film of 2018, it burns through terrifying elements like they're going out of style. The movie has everything - satanic rituals, possessions, séances, demons crawling upside-down on ceilings, secrets hidden in the attic, dead birds, the specter of mental illness, and Ann Dowd yelling, "I expel you!"

Aster's heavily lauded script scratches the surface when it comes to terror, and the cast has all shared creepy stories from behind the scenes of Hereditary. Everything about the making of the film was emotionally taxing – from painstakingly planning out each shot to cutting over an hour of footage. Between cast members taking home severed heads and getting so disturbed they needed therapy, these horror movie facts prove Hereditary was as emotionally exhausting for the cast and crew as it was for everyone watching in theaters.