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This Guy Figured Out Exactly How Much Bob's Burgers Actually Makes, And The Results Are Terrifying

For fans of the show, it's no secret that money in Bob's Burgers is something of a rarity to the titular hero and his family. Simply put, the Belchers are broke. But just exactly how broke are the Belchers? The answer isn't great. Hunter Joyner of ZIPPIA.com did an extremely thorough breakdown of the Belchers' finances, and what he found spells bad news for the family.

It's a wonder that they manage to keep such high spirits (as evidenced by their many musical numbers) considering the fact that they're in pretty dire straits. The financial impossibilities certainly play into some fan theories about the whole thing being a figment of Bob's imagination.

But, assuming it is all real, it would help fans understand the family's plight if they knew what the burger joint was raking in. So how much does Bob Belcher make? Let's take a look.

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    So How Many Customers Does Bob Get On An Average Day?

    On Bob's regular days, there are anywhere between four and 10 diners in the restaurant for each meal (lunch and dinner). Taking the average, Joyner calculates that 14 randos dine at Bob's everyday, plus the two old reliables of Teddy and Mort, who are always good for a meal a day, bringing the grand total to 16 diners per day on average.

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    But The Three "Miracle Days" Give Bob A Big Boost

    In Season 1, there are three episodes in which Belcher shenanigans result in a packed house that Joyner calls "miracle days." There's the episode where they're almost shut down for "serving human meat" (which of course they aren't really), but this attracts an adventurous eating club that fills the restaurant. There's also the robbery that turns into a skit, which attracts people, and lastly Moolissa the cow's protesting out front draws in a crowd. Cow protests will do that.

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    Bob's "Miracle Days" Pull In 40 Customers Each

    On each miracle day, the restaurant fills, so that all 26 seats are taken. There are usually around five people lined up outside the door as well, and Teddy and Mort are, of course, each good for a meal on such a day. Joyner assumes that an average of seven customers stop in outside of the rush, bringing the total up to 40 customers for each miracle day.

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    Bob Gets 568 Customers Per Month On Average

    The three miracle days of 40 people add up to 120 people, plus the 16 average customers on a normal day multiplied by 28 brings the total number of average monthly customers to 568.