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This Guy Figured Out Exactly How Much Bob's Burgers Actually Makes, And The Results Are Terrifying

For fans of the show, it's no secret that money in Bob's Burgers is something of a rarity to the titular hero and his family. Simply put, the Belchers are broke. But just exactly how broke are the Belchers? The answer isn't great. Hunter Joyner of ZIPPIA.com did an extremely thorough breakdown of the Belchers' finances, and what he found spells bad news for the family.

It's a wonder that they manage to keep such high spirits (as evidenced by their many musical numbers) considering the fact that they're in pretty dire straits. The financial impossibilities certainly play into some fan theories about the whole thing being a figment of Bob's imagination.

But, assuming it is all real, it would help fans understand the family's plight if they knew what the burger joint was raking in. So how much does Bob Belcher make? Let's take a look.

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    What Are The People Eating?

    Obviously, it's a little difficult to determine what the customers are truly getting, but Joyner assumes most people order a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. Since he can't really calculate "most," he estimates 300 of the 568 monthly customers have this standard order, which comes to $9.50: $5.50 for the cheeseburger, $2 for the fries, and $2 for the drink. 

    Then there are the big spenders who order the burger of the day and a beer. Joyner estimates that a fairly large number of customers would do this, so he says 200 people order this meal that totals $9.95 each.

    And finally there are the 68 remaining light eaters, who Joyner gives a side salad, fries, and a water, a meal which only comes to $4.50.

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    Bob's Monthly Revenue Is Approximately $5,146

    Given that 300 people take the standard order at $9.50 a piece, 200 spring for the burger of the day and a beer at $9.95, and 68 are watching their figure, ordering just a salad and fries coming to $4.50, the grand total for Bob's estimated monthly revenue comes to $5,146.

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    With Tips, Bob's Total Annual Revenue Comes To $71,014

    Bob makes $5,146 every month multiplied by 12 months in a year comes to $61,752. Joyner assumes people tip 15% on average, bringing the total up to $71,014. But this is gross income.

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    Bob Takes A Big Hit From Overhead Costs

    Joyner used data provided by Forbes to estimate Bob's average restaurant expenditures. So 30% of total revenue goes to cost of goods ($21,304), and 8% of total revenue goes to Mr. Fischoeder to cover rent for the restaurant ($5,681). Added together, Bob's total expenditures come to $26,985.