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This Guy Figured Out Exactly How Much Bob's Burgers Actually Makes, And The Results Are Terrifying

For fans of the show, it's no secret that money in Bob's Burgers is something of a rarity to the titular hero and his family. Simply put, the Belchers are broke. But just exactly how broke are the Belchers? The answer isn't great. Hunter Joyner of ZIPPIA.com did an extremely thorough breakdown of the Belchers' finances, and what he found spells bad news for the family.

It's a wonder that they manage to keep such high spirits (as evidenced by their many musical numbers) considering the fact that they're in pretty dire straits. The financial impossibilities certainly play into some fan theories about the whole thing being a figment of Bob's imagination.

But, assuming it is all real, it would help fans understand the family's plight if they knew what the burger joint was raking in. So how much does Bob Belcher make? Let's take a look.

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    The Entire Menu Has Been Displayed

    The most expensive item at Bob's Burgers is always the daily special, which is $5.95. Teddy's standard meal of a burger of the day and fries would be $7.95, and on the days he's feeling crazy he'll get a beer, bringing him up to $11. He's pretty much the highest-paying customer at Bob's Burgers.

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    Bob's Can't Seat Many People

    Joyner estimates that Bob's can seat 26 customers. There are only four booths, which can hold no more than four people each, and 10 stools (including one on the end). 16 +10 = 26. I.e., not a lot.

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    Determining The Number Of Customers Per Month Is A Little Tricky

    For the sake of some kind of constant, Joyner assumes that a season of Bob's Burgers is roughly a month, and calculates the number of customers based on that. But there are still variables. Plus, Joyner generously gives Bob 31 days every month, which is obviously more than reality.

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    Bob Has 28 Days Of Meh Business

    Joyner used Season 1 as the measuring stick, and he points out that there are 3 instances in which the Belcher kids manage to drum up an extraordinary amount of business for the mom and pop shop. The rest of the time, though, business is rather slow.