Weird Nature Hero Dog Refuses To Leave His Goats, Even In Blazing Fire  

Mick Jacobs

Man's best friend gets his name because a dog's loyalty never falters, even in the face of disaster. In the video below, a family who fled a wildfire returned to their home, only to find their dog still alive and still protecting his goats.

Odin, a golden retriever, refused to leave his flock even as a wildfire threatened the family home. Instead of fleeing, the heroic pooch stayed behind, making sure his wards remained safe.

Lo and behold, Odin and his flock made it through the blaze, earning him the title of "good boy" for the rest of his life. If all dogs go to heaven, this guy's gonna be one of the very first in line.

With a name like Odin, this dog deserves heaven more than anybody else. Watch the video below to learn of his remarkable story...