The Most Incredible Hero Dogs Of 2017

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Vote up the good boys and girls who put their best paws forward to help humans and other creatures in 2017.

These stories of hero dogs 2017 will inspire you, but they probably won't surprise you. It's 2017 and we're still wondering what we did to deserve dogs. The list of dogs that saved humans this year is long and the list of hero dogs in 2017 who did incredible things is even longer.

This year's biggest dog heroes showed up in ways you couldn't even make up. One loyal pup stayed with his paralyzed owner for 20 hours, barking and licking his face to keep him alive. Other hero dogs in 2017 survived dog fighting rings and the South Korean meat market, only to turn around and help humans get through their own problems. Why? They are dogs, Earth's most perfect creature (see these dog Snapchats for proof).

There were police dogs who took bullets for their partners, brave canines who ran into burning buildings or deep water to rescue other animals, and resourceful dogs who figured out how to save themselves. After you read through these news stories about dogs saving humans in 2017, you'll probably want to stick a few treats in your pocket so you can hand them out to random dogs you see on the street. They probably deserve them.