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12 Times The Hero Becomes The Mentor In A Sequel

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Vote up the movie heroes who made the best mentors in their later years.

It's always an interesting phenomenon when movies get sequels many years, or even decades, later. Filmmakers need to find ways for the characters to have meaningfully changed during the gap. One common way they achieve this is to turn the heroes into mentors. Characters who were the focus of the plot the first time around now function in a different capacity, helping guide a new, younger character through some kind of ordeal.

The approach is logical, as it allows that initial hero to take everything they learned the first time and impart it to someone else. The following characters all made that transition to mentor duty. In their respective sequels, they were in a position where someone else needed their support, their wisdom, and the benefits of their experience. Audience members got to see them in a new light as a result.

Which of the following heroes who became a mentor made the best transition? Your votes will decide.