14 Times Disney Princes Were Actually Useful

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Vote up the Disney prince moments that prove they're more than just a love interest.

Debating who the best Disney prince is might be an easier conversation than discussing your favorite Disney princess - arguably one of entertainment’s most iconic and ever-evolving archetypes. Because of this, the strongest Disney princes go overlooked. Throughout the House of Mouse's (usually animated) filmography, more often than not, female protagonists have been accompanied by well-intentioned yet dim-witted and passive “heroes.” 

However, sometimes Disney princes actually do something to help save the day in princess-centric movies - stepping up and playing an active role instead of going with the flow. Each item on this list will highlight a moment where a Disney prince was undeniably effective in helping others or advancing the plot, like Beast fighting off the pack of wolves in Beauty and the Beast or Prince Eric steering a ship into Ursula in The Little Mermaid. It's up to you to decide which Disney prince (honorary or otherwise) has proven to be the most useful.