14 Times Disney Princes Were Actually Useful
Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Distribution

14 Times Disney Princes Were Actually Useful

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Debating who the best Disney prince is might be an easier conversation than discussing your favorite Disney princess - arguably one of entertainment’s most iconic and ever-evolving archetypes. Because of this, the strongest Disney princes go overlooked. Throughout the House of Mouse's (usually animated) filmography, more often than not, female protagonists have been accompanied by well-intentioned yet dim-witted and passive “heroes.” 

However, sometimes Disney princes actually do something to help save the day in princess-centric movies - stepping up and playing an active role instead of going with the flow. Each item on this list will highlight a moment where a Disney prince was undeniably effective in helping others or advancing the plot, like Beast fighting off the pack of wolves in Beauty and the Beast or Prince Eric steering a ship into Ursula in The Little Mermaid. It's up to you to decide which Disney prince (honorary or otherwise) has proven to be the most useful. 

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    Flynn AKA Eugene Cuts Off Rapunzel’s Hair

    Tangled’s Flynn Rider (secretly Eugene Fitzherbert) is a swashbuckling crook who proves his resourcefulness on numerous occasions. The most pivotal occasion comes near the end of the film when he climbs Rapunzel’s hair only to find her chained and muffled in Mother Gothel’s tower (who keeps the princess captive and uses her hair’s healing properties to retain her youth).

    Gothel then fatally injures Eugene, causing Rapunzel to submit to Gothel if the former is allowed to heal her love. Instead of letting this happen, Eugene cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, which turns from gold to brown, loses its magic, and causes Gothel to age rapidly and perish. Doesn’t get more useful than that. 

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  • Aladdin Keeps His Word And Frees Genie
    Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

    All of Aladdin’s wishes are motivated by his desire to become a prince and win over Jasmine. Upon his fateful rubbing of Genie’s lamp at the beginning of the film, he promises to release Genie when all is said and done. Throughout the film, Aladdin’s integrity is tested - the audience isn’t sure if he’ll keep his promise. However, when Genie advises Aladdin to use his third (and final) wish to regain his royal title, allowing him to stay with Jasmine, Aladdin instead does the right thing and frees Genie.

    Obviously, he ends up with Jasmine anyway when Sultan changes the law, but Aladdin didn’t know this. He keeps his word even when it means he might lose the love of his life. Aladdin is much more than a love interest. 

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  • Prince Adam (AKA Beast) Saves Belle From A Pack Of Wolves
    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures

    People love Beauty and the Beast’s Prince Adam - AKA Beast - probably because of the film’s permeating themes of love and redemption. After being cursed to live a life as the titular Beast (and his kingdom as various housewares) due to his vanity/cruelty (something he spends the entire film overcoming... his servants are actually much more "useful"), Adam/Beast shows his first signs of humanity after Belle wanders into the forbidden west wing of his castle and finds the symbolic rose.

    Fearful of his outrage, Belle flees the castle and, while in the woods, is accosted by a pack of wolves. Realizing the error of his ways (sort of), Adam/Beast rescues her and is injured in the process. If it weren’t for this moment, the pair wouldn't fall in love - ultimately breaking the curse. 

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    Prince Phillip Carves Through The Briar Maze And Slays Maleficent

    Prince Phillip Carves Through The Briar Maze And Slays Maleficent
    Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Distribution

    Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Phillip is Aurora’s knight in shining armor, both figuratively and literally. After the latter pricks her finger, succumbs to a prophesied curse, and falls into a deep sleep (along with the rest of the kingdom), Maleficent locks Phillip away so that he will grow old, and his betrothed will never be awakened by true love’s kiss.

    Thankfully, the fairies rescue Phillip and arm him with the magical Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue. Armed, Phillip hacks through Maleficent’s maze of thorns, engages Maleficent’s dragon form, and throws his empowered sword into her chest, ensuring the enchantress’s demise. Bravo. 

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    Prince Eric Rams A Ship Into Ursula

    Prince Eric Rams A Ship Into Ursula
    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures

    Let’s start by admitting that The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric is annoyingly dim-witted - so much so that his ignorance drives most of the plot. Determined to discover the identity of the girl who saved him (which was Ariel), he ignores Ariel and ends up being hypnotized by a disguised Ursula. Fortunately, he comes to his senses just before marrying the film’s villain thanks to a group of birds and sea creatures that free Ariel’s voice.

    During the final confrontation with Ursula, Eric springs into action to save his love - taking control of a ship and steering its splintered bowsprit through Ursula’s heart, ending her for good. A courageous fool. 

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    Li Shang Speaks Out When The Emperor's Consul Disrespects Mulan

    Li Shang Speaks Out When The Emperor's Consul Disrespects Mulan
    Photo: Mulan / Buena Vista Pictures

    Questionable power dynamics aside, Mulan and Li Shang fall for one another (after he finds out she’s a woman). After Shan Yu is slain, Mulan is initially reprimanded/scolded by Chi Fu for her deception - at which point Li Shang defends her as a hero.

    He’s also the first to bow when the Emperor honors her and the city’s inhabitants praise her as the hero of China. 

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