The Most Recognizable HGTV Cliches 

Bailey Brown
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HGTV is the channel for house hunting and home makeovers, and fans of the best current HGTV shows find entertainment in watching couples search for their new forever home. Perhaps the appeal lies in seeing real people actually seek their dream home on House Hunters, or maybe it's the endless HGTV cliches that keep viewers engaged. From fantasizing about sipping coffee on that fixer-upper balcony in the morning to melting over granite countertops and walk-in closets, the funniest House Hunters cliches make the show what it is. 

Next time you're looking for a house or watching someone seek their new residence on TV, make sure to note how close the neighbors are and don't be surprised when a beach house is more expensive than the suburbs.  

The People Who Want An Older Home With Character Until They See The Kitchen
The Couple Who Can Totally See Themselves Drinking Coffee On This Balcony In The Morning
The People Who Comment That ‘The Neighbors Are Right On Top Of Us’ When The Nearest Home Is A Reasonable Distance Away
The Couple Who Wants To Be On The Beach But Finds That This Makes The Home More Expensive
The Guy Who ‘Actually Wants To Get Some Projects Done’ Then Absolutely Does Not
The People Who Need An Extra Bedroom For Visitors When They’re Moving Someplace No One Travels To
The Guy Who Could Totally Use This Space For His Man Cave
The Couple That Wants Totally Different Styles, So They Compromise And Get Something Neither Of Them Likes
The Couple Who Is Won Over By A Walk-In Closet Or Granite Countertops
The Couple Who Thinks A 5-Year-Old House Is Too Dated
The Urban Couple With A Baby Having A Crisis About Moving To The Suburbs 
The Parents Who Says Stairs Will Be Dangerous For Children
The Guy Who Needs Space For His Drums Or Some Other Item That’s Clearly Causing Tension In The Relationship
The Couple Who Completely Ignores Their Realtor's Advice
The Parents With Small Children Who Want Space For ‘Entertaining’ Adults When They Are Probably Just Hosting Playdates
The People Who Toast With Friends Who Are Never Introduced
The People With A Dog Who Want White Furniture And Carpet
The Guy Who Wants A Sweet Outdoor Space So He Can Set Up His Even Sweeter Grill
The People Who Move To The Jungle To Get In Touch With Nature
The Person Who Could Run Their Etsy Shop Out Of This Office Space