The Most Obscure Ghosts Hidden In The Background Of 'The Haunting Of Hill House'

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It didn't take long for The Haunting of Hill House to become another Netflix horror sensation. Like other Netflix original series, fans binged the Crains' traumatic story in a weekend, which was probably easier for those kept awake at night by the sheer variety of ghosts residing in Hill House. While the Bent Neck Lady, Bowler Hat Man, and other entities were featured front and center, there are plenty of other ghosts that even the most attentive viewers probably missed the first time through.

Series director Mike Flanagan told Variety that he hid "70 to 80 ghosts" in the edges of frames and backgrounds of scenes to solidify the unsettling atmosphere of the show. He actually had several extras in ghost makeup on hand just to plant them behind set dressing when the mood hit him. While it might take some time for all of those haunting cameos to be revealed, this list compiles some of the most obscure ghosts to pop up in the series.

SPOILER ALERT: This list covers all 10 episodes from the series, so read on at your own risk. If you're all caught up, check out more shows like The Haunting of Hill House.