20 Mickey Mouses That Were Hiding Right Under Your Nose

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Hidden Mickeys are Disney's own personal brand of easter egg. While Marvel has Stan Lee, Disney has Mickey Mouse – and unlike Stan Lee's Easter eggs, the Mickeys in Disney films are usually hidden. You can think of them as an animated version of Where’s Waldo? Finding Easter eggs has gotten a lot easier over the years with the advent of DVD. (Home video was already a step in the right direction, but do you remember trying to pause VHS tapes?) Further advances in technology in the form of Blu-Ray have given hidden Mickey hunters even more of a leg up in finding little guys.

Usually a Hidden Mickey is made up of three small circles (two small circles on top with a larger one on the bottom), but occasionally they pop up as the fully-fleshed out Mickey Mouse character or three equally sized circles. As with any egg hunt, sometimes you think you find something but it really is just a random collection of circles. The Mickeys on this list, however, are impossible to deny and are also near impossible to find unless you know where to look. And that's what we're here for! Enjoy some of the best Hidden Mickeys in Disney history! Vote up your favorites and leave a comment if you have a favorite secret Mickey that didn't make it on this list. 

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    Look Closely at the Fireplace Grate in The Great Mouse Detective

    The Hidden Mickeys appear just behind Olivia Flaversham's right shoulder on the fireplace grate in Basil's apartment.
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    The Insta-Building Under Constrution in Meet The Robinsons Features a Hidden Mickey

    As the futuristic Insta-Building rises, the round platforms create a pair of Hidden Mickeys.
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    A Green Starlight Mint Forms a Hidden Mickey in Wreck-It Ralph

    After speeding away from the bakery in their new racecar, Ralph and Vanellope pass a Hidden Mickey made from green and white striped spearmint Starlight mints.
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    There's a Hidden Mickey on Ursula's Magical Contract in The Little Mermaid

    If Ariel had actually read the contract before signing it, she might have noticed a Hidden Mickey mixed in with all of the fine print.