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People Describe The Times They Found Freaky Hidden Rooms In Their Own Homes  

Jude Newsome
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Finding a secret room in your own home sounds like a scenario straight out of a children's fantasy, yet this fantasy has proven to be a reality far more often than you'd think.

When one Reddit user asked if anyone had ever found a hidden room in their home, the responses were by turns fascinating, funny, and freaky. Whether originally part of a home's design and then sealed away, or built to conceal illicit activities, hidden rooms appear to be all around us. It just takes a little sleuthing to uncover them.

These are the most interesting discoveries from homeowners who stumbled onto secret spaces.

A Bricked-Up Well In A Basement

From Redditor /u/-banned-:

Back in college, some friends and I rented an old mansion that had been built in the early 1920s from an elderly lady. The place was falling apart, but it was huge, and rent was dirt cheap.

About two years into living there, I went to the basement to do some laundry and momentarily lost my balance. Reaching out to steady myself using one of the wall panels, [I noticed] it flexed more than I expected. After some inspection, I found that it was removable.

Behind [the panel] was a small, mostly empty, very dirty concrete room about 100 square feet. I say "mostly empty," because right in the middle there was a hole the size of a well that had been previously bricked up. It must have been old because the bricks had eroded at some point and exposed some of the hole - maybe a two-foot-diameter circle out of the full five feet.

After calling my friends down to look at it, I got the courage to creep a little closer and peer down into it. There was another room, roughly the same size, but deep, maybe 15 feet down, and mostly dirt. We shined a flashlight down into it, and I could swear there was a teddy bear at the bottom.

Unfortunately, despite plenty of bargaining, none of us were ever able work up the courage (liquid or regular) to tie a rope and climb down for a closer look. Especially after we noticed that the bricks which I thought had fallen in were all accounted for and scattered around the hole as if something had broken out.

At the risk of my account being discovered by my Redditor friends, this was in Pittsburgh. We did a little research and think the sub-basement may have been related to prohibition - but honestly, I'm just willing to accept that explanation in order to avoid lifelong nightmares.

Sealed-Off Apartment Units From The 1950s

From Redditor /u/fluxelegy:

A couple of years ago, I rented an apartment that was in a massive old architecture-style building. No idea how old it was. I remember when I did the showing, they showed me a door that had an elaborate staircase that went straight up to the ceiling. [They] explained that it went to the attic, which was sealed up. When I was finally moving out, curiosity got the best of me, and I pushed on the panel at the top of the stairs until it popped open, then hoisted myself up there.

It was completely dark, and the floor was covered in at least an inch of dust. I found that it was an entire extra floor to my unit. There was some old rotting furniture and magazines littered throughout the rooms. I eventually found a small hole in one of the walls that went into the sealed-off upstairs of the unit next to mine and decided to go through that one too. I found a smaller hole at the back end of that area that led to the next one.

I eventually made my way through about five or six of these sealed-off spaces that had no entrances save these small holes in drywall. The farther I went in, the older the furniture I found: fridges from the '50s or earlier, old dishware, and so much dust over everything.

The last unit was the most interesting: handpainted scenes on the walls, and holes to the attic letting sunlight stream in. I took small videos... I must have been up there for hours just exploring alone in the dark. I was pretty lucky to have the only room with access up there.

A Room Their Mom Didn't Notice Before

From Redditor /u/PraetorKiev:

I found a secret space in my closet when my mom and I were moving out of the house she was renting to move into my stepdad’s house.

I never noticed [the room] because junk covered the section of the wall that was covering a small entrance to a room that was sealed off with boards and plywood. I couldn’t pry it open, but I could see light shining in it and a single mason jar filled with what I assumed was water.

The air was cold in there, as if the central heating didn’t even reach that part. I showed it to my mom, and she told me that she didn’t remember seeing [it] there when we had moved in eight years prior. But, since we were moving out, it didn’t matter.

The room gave me the creeps for whatever reason. I don't know why it was sealed off or why there was a single mason jar filled with water in the center of the room.

A 'Haunted Doggy'

From Redditor /u/purplhouse:

We bought a house that had been built in the 1880s, lived in it for seven years, and then had to have some wiring work done. The electrician was working down in the basement and wanted to drill through a brick wall to the outside for some reason [that] I no longer remember.

We gave him the okay and went about our business. He started drilling and then stopped, came upstairs, and told us he just found a bricked-up room and what did we want to do about it? Well, we kind of still wanted our wiring situation taken care of, but if there was a body and some amontillado in there, I definitely wanted to know. On the other hand, I didn't want to let my sister's boyfriend knock the wall down with a sledgehammer.

As we were discussing this, the electrician offered to run a scope through the hole he just drilled so we could take a look without doing more damage, or, as he put it, destroying evidence. So our new friend got his scope set up, and we all went down to the basement to watch the monitor.

It was a very small space, maybe 3 x 5 feet. Nothing in there but a really old, gross-looking plushie. Not a teddy bear - maybe a dog? It was sewn out of some kind of patterned fabric in a vaguely dog-like shape. That was it, nothing else.

The electrician asked us what we wanted to do. I asked if he could seal the hole he just drilled - because this is definitely how ghost movies start. He agreed and patched it up, drilled somewhere else, finished the rewiring and we all continued our lives.

We moved out two years later and, as far as I know, Haunted Doggy is still bricked up in the basement of that house.