Unspeakable Crimes A High-End Escort Answers All The Questions You’ve Ever Wondered About  

Mick Jacobs
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If you ever wanted a firsthand account of sex work in America, look no further than the Reddit sex worker who shared what it's like being a high-end escort. User EmmaP goes to great lengths to answer people's questions about being an escort, delving into her day-to-day interactions and how she maneuvers the complex yet fascinating world of sex work.

Despite people's preconceptions about escorts or the "Girlfriend Experience," EmmaP describes a well-maintained business that operates much more safely and smoothly than most would assume about how escort services work. Rather than engage in quick flings or one-night stands, she describes how she prefers to build up a rapport with her clients, some of whom she even refers to as regulars.

Facts about being an escort truly sound less scandalous and actually a bit standard, at least in terms of being a business transaction. While only certain parts of the world legalize sex work, it continues to be such a thriving business that people like EmmaP do their best to keep professional and safe for all involved.

'I'm Physically Handicapped And A Virgin. I Want To Have Sex, But Will I Weird Most [Escorts] Out?'

"First of all, thank you for having this conversation with me. I appreciate you asking; even with the safety of the interwebs anonymity it still takes balls to talk about this stuff.

My suggestion would be to talk to someone you trust and respect first. Then do some research and find a good agency in your area. Talk to the agency and explain the situation. Find an agency you feel confident and comfortable with and then ask for their recommendation on a girl. They know their girls and know who would be best suited for you. This is really the advice I would give anyone except for the part about talking to someone you trust about it. I would recommend someone comes with you. If it was me, I would have your friend bring you in and we would sit down and chat about your needs. This could also be done over the phone before hand so you can talk to her and make sure you feel comfortable. I would have your friend get you on the bed and into whatever position you need. I would not be in the room for this; I don't think having a girl watch this would be the most erotic thing for you or your dignity. Then I would suggest your friend leaves and comes back when the session is done. Since you are a virgin you are likely going to cum pretty quickly - but this is a GOOD thing. You should be able to cum twice in your session.

As for the being weirded out, if [the escort] is weirded out by a chair then she does not deserve your virginity! Find someone who does.

And I would absolutely save up for someone good. If you want to PM me and tell me more about where you are I would be happy to help you with the research and negotiating the fee."

'What's The Difference Between A High-End And Low-End Escort?'

"I define it as class. I am not into any drugs, I do not walk the streets. I have an agency who screens and books clients for me. The agency makes 30% of my take (before tips) and basically keeps me safe. I wear high quality lingerie, I am clean (tested regularly), and you could take me to meet your boss or your mother."

'Any Terrible Injuries/Stories/Times You Were Threatened?'

"I have been fortunate and not had a lot of bad experiences. I have stopped seeing two clients and there is one who I may have to stop seeing:

  • A guy brought coke into my hotel room. He was high as a kite. I kicked him out, told him to take his stuff with him, did not take any money from him, and he has been banned by the agency.
  • I had seen a guy a few times and he told me the story of his wife finding out about him seeing me and other girls. He was starting to see me as a solution to his life problems and he was going downhill fast. I can't and won't be part of someone destroying their life and I will not capitalize on it. I have stopped seeing him.
  • The one I am on the fence about has been a client for a bit now. Every time I see him he pushes the limits. He keeps trying to go bareback and pushes his time. I am going to have a very frank conversation with him next time he books (before accepting any cash) and tell him his behavior is disrespectful and I am not going to stand for it. He will then have the choice of seeing me on my terms or he is free to leave without any expense."

'Group Rates?'

"Gang bang? That will likely cost a little more. ;)"