What's On Your High School Bucket List?

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Vote now for all the things you're gonna do, already did or wish you'd done back in high school!
Forever young! I want to be forever young! Ok, not really but if I could go back to high school I would make sure I checked off every item on this list. Some of them you want to do while you're young because when you're older there's no excuse for that kind of wild behavior, but other items from this list are actually really good things to do to prepare for your future. 
High school is the perfect time to come out of your shell. Those awkward middle school days are behind you now. It's time to discover who you really are and what kind of life you want to lead. It's also a great time to make mistakes because hey - you're young and people will forgive you. So, go ahead. Try something new. Make an unlikely friend. Go somewhere different. Start filling that brain of yours with some incredible memories because even though it's not really cool to grow up into that person who thinks high school was the best time of their life, it's not cool to think it was the worst time either.
Start checking these babies off one at a time and vote for your favorites. Have fun! Be safe and be really nice to that quiet nerdy guy you sit next to in algebra. He's going to be really rich some day!
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  • Stop Caring What Other People Think
    191 votes

    Stop Caring What Other People Think

  • Get Good Grades
    197 votes

    Get Good Grades

  • Learn to Drive
    167 votes

    Learn to Drive

  • Go to Prom
    171 votes

    Go to Prom

  • Travel to a Foreign Country
    163 votes

    Travel to a Foreign Country

  • Take a Roadtrip
    149 votes

    Take a Roadtrip