People Share Their Stories Of Sadistic High School Bullying

Many look back on their high school years fondly, remembering them as the best time of their life. For others, the thought of high school brings back painful memories of being bullied. No matter what type of school someone attended, they likely know all about bullies - whether through personal experience or stories.

Some students stand up to bullies and put a stop to the mistreatment. Others, meanwhile, suffer from the life-long effects of being beaten up, called names, or having their school days made a living hell. For those who dealt with bullying in high school, however, sharing stories of their harassment on Reddit can prove cathartic.

  • She Was Spit On, And A Boy Acted Like He Was Going To Throw Up When Paired With Her

    From Redditor /u/Maniacalmama:

    There were so many horrible things said to me. I was around 12 when it started and going through an awkward phase. My bullying centered around how ugly I was. People spit at me out bus windows and generally loved to tell me how ugly I was. One of the worst memories I had was having to learn to square dance in gym class and no one wanting to touch me. One boy, after having to be paired with me, seemed like he genuinely had to throw up. If he was acting, he did a very convincing job. After that, I volunteered to be the odd woman out every time they changed partners.

    I developed severe social anxiety which I still deal with to a lesser extent today. (I'm 37). When you go through years of having everything you say ridiculed, it's hard to develop confidence that what you say isn't dumb.

  • They Were Beaten Up, And Then Kicked Out Of School For It

    From Redditor /u/Lowfat_raisin:

    I'd been getting bullied by this kid Mario off and on for about a year. One day after school (11th grade) he kicked the sh*t out of me in the church parking lot across the street, as in he was holding me by the back of the head and repeatedly slamming my face into the hood of a car. There must have been 100 people watching.

    The next day, I was leaving school with my friend when this group of kids by one of the exits got all agitated and started yelling to someone down by the other exit. I didn't know these kids, so I figured it didn't have anything to do with me. We walked about a block when my friend said, "I think we're being followed." I turned around, and, sure enough, there was a group of about ten people running to catch up with us.

    Two came up (it was those agitated kids), and one said, "Hey, did you get in a fight with Mario yesterday?" I said, "Yeah," and he said, "Why'd you take a swing at me? Why'd you take a swing at me?" Then the other one punched me in the face. I stood there trying to convince this first kid that I'd never tried to take a swing at him, but I kept getting punched in the face by the other.

    My nose started bleeding. I saw Mario run up, and my friend said, "Let's go." We turned around, at which point I was tackled and spent the next 5 minutes getting stomped on in the snow by what I was told was six different people. When it was over, I was lying there bleeding, and Mario's girlfriend walked up and spit on me. She really hated me for some reason I've never been able to figure out.

    The worst part, though, was when I went to the deans the next day. Sitting there with two black eyes, my face, neck, and body covered in bruises and abrasions, I used a yearbook to identify some of the perpetrators, and I told the dean everything that had happened. She listened in horrified silence, and when I was done, she left to talk to them. I sat there thinking, "Finally going to get some justice."

    Five minutes later she was back. "Well," she said in kind of a huff. "They said you gave them the finger." I hadn't, but even if I had, WTF? "Why didn't you tell me that part?" Then she lectured me about how the whole thing was my fault because I had provoked them. As far as she was concerned, I'd provoked it, I'd gotten what I deserved for provoking it, and the case was closed.

    Just in case I hadn't learned my lesson, though, she gave me three days of in-school suspension for "fighting." Mario had a different dean, so he ended up getting two days. The other kids got none. Mario's girlfriend wasn't even asked about her involvement.

    The night of the beating, we'd filed a police report. I really, really wanted to press charges, and my mom did, too, until the dean called my mom and convinced her I'd provoked it, at which point my mom declined. (My mom has since apologized.)

    This was in 1989. Sh*t was a lot different back then.

  • They Were Terrorized Throughout Elementary And High School By Bullies

    From Redditor /u/Busted_up_chiffarobe:

    In 3rd or 4th grade while walking home from school down an alley, a few of the local bullies run up behind me, grab me, and sucker punches me a few times. While I am down gasping for air, one holds me down while the other p*sses all over my face. I tell them that's my house right there, which is true, I'll tell my parents, and one replies, "F*ck your parents. You tell them, and we'll kill them." When I was able to get up, I walked home and got cleaned up and never told a soul. One of these kids vandalized our house and cars for years. Nobody ever did anything.

    One of the same kids, plus another one, kicked the crap out of me and tossed me in a filthy dog kennel. They left me there most of an afternoon and between punching me and so on forced me to lick dog bones. They let me out eventually. This was two houses down from mine.

    I was so terrorized through grade school during 'bathroom break' time that 30 years later I have an aversion to public bathrooms. I used to walk home during school hours to use the bathroom. Mom was like, what are you doing home? I always had some lame excuse. It sure beat having your head stuck in the toilet. To this day I wonder why the teachers never wondered why I was coming back late with a wet head.

    Well, I was told point blank by one teacher at the time that we had to give one of the bullies special consideration because he didn't have a father at home. So there you go.

    I got jumped so often, that I worked out elaborate walking routes to and from school which gave me minimal exposure and many escape routes. I had to outsmart kids who actually went to the effort to watch your habits and lie in wait. I would even sneak up on them and listen to them talking while they waited to pound me. Heh heh.

    By the time I got to junior high and high school, I had to be very careful about when I went to my locker so that my head wouldn't get slammed into the door while I was opening the lock. I was always late for classes because I had to watch and wait for the few bullies to go into the classrooms. What was sad, looking back, was how one of them would knock the sh*t out of me right there in the hall with my 'friends' all standing there doing nothing. Collectively we could have put that assh*le into intensive care.

  • They Were Bullied At School And At Home

    From Redditor /u/Sabezan:

    I had a couple of guys pretend to be my friends for a while on a dare. That was ok until the dare was over and they told me nobody would actually want to be my friend.

    One time a kid found out which girl I liked and started writing her really raunchy, harassing notes and signing them with my name. The worst part about that was that when the other kids in my class started figuring out the truth, instead of coming to my defense they joined in because destroying the fat ugly kid's reputation is hilarious.

    My real bullies though were my brother, who was six years older than me and like 300 lbs of mostly muscle in high school who was an alcoholic and beat me for pretty much any reason at any time, and a pair of brothers who hated me because they had older cousins who hated my brother. The younger brother just made fun of me, but the older brother threatened to kill me often. When my grandma died when I was in the 6th grade, the older brother told me it was good because she was probably fat and ugly like me.

    It's affected me in that I have pretty much no self-esteem. I'm terrified of mirrors and of having my picture taken. I'm also pretty cynical. I'm skeptical of people's motives, and I can be very defensive and quick to anger. I don't let go of things that bother me and dwell on them a lot. I also have anxiety attacks, but that might not be because of the bullying.

  • A Girl Pretended To Like Them So She Could Humiliate Them Later

    From Redditor /u/Ravenousjellyfish:

    Alright, so about halfway through freshman year of high school, this girl started talking to me. I didn't have any friends, I was bullied, and I stayed at the back of the class and remained quiet most of the time. So I thought it was strange that she'd talk to me. After a week of flirting with me, she asked for my number, and I gave it to her. A few days later she led me to the stairwell that was used the least and kissed me. I thought we were going to make out but then she spit on me and her friends came up laughing (and recording it on their phones) from the staircase underneath.

    And to add salt to the wounds, that night I saw the video on Facebook. Thankfully the video was only my reaction after it happened.

  • A Bully Waited For Them Every Day After School To Beat Them Up

    From a former Redditor

    I had this one particular kid who would pick on me from eighth [grade] until sophomore year in high school. I was constantly made fun of, spit in my face, hit/punched/kicked/attempted to be stabbed with various object/etc., I had phone calls made to my house telling me that I would be beaten up and/or killed or making fun of me, etc. This kid would also do things slyly, and his MO would be to come up from behind and punch me in the kidney. Everyday leaving the school he would wait for me, and I'd be pummeled, or told I would be killed or have my head crushed under a bus wheel, the works. I lived in fear of this kid, and every day I silently waited for him to do something even crazier, and I wholeheartedly believed he would, in fact, kill me someday. The worst part of it all, the school required witnesses in order to do anything, and despite my "friends" seeing it, no one ever stood up to the plate.

    I actually considered suicide, not because of depression, but because I was convinced this kid was going to kill me and I didn't want to give him the pleasure of doing so. But, I did get the last word with this kid. In college, he ended up being in one of my classes. One class, he ended up coming up to me to apologize about everything, and he hoped there were no hard feelings. I looked him dead in the eye and simply replied, "F*ck you." and walked away.

    Let's also not forget about the upperclassmen and other kids who would make fun of me on a daily basis, or steal my things, or just simply hit me and/or throw me in a trash can. No, high school sucked.