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VOTE Things High Schoolers in 2004-2007 Are Experiencing  

CE Hudspeth
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Surely one thing everyone from these graduating classes can agree on is how absurdly fast the years following high school flew by. Now, a decade or so wiser (hopefully), it’s a safe bet that there are some very particular things that we’re all experiencing. Some are fun, some are sad, some are shocking, and others are interesting, but it’s without a doubt comforting to know that you’re not alone as you go through these feelings in the latter half of your 20s.
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You might have stopped hanging out with a lot of your old friends...

...because they have lives now. Careers, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands – a bevy of reasons that they have to spend their time doing grown-up things and responsible stuff. It used to be shocking when someone got pregnant or engaged, but at this point in the game, those who don’t yet have a husband, wife or child are becoming the minority.
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Your friends' younger siblings are adults now

Many of whom are graduated from high school and college themselves, and seem to be doing better in life than you...
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30 has arrived (or it’s approaching at an alarmingly high speed)

Birthdays are no longer celebrations, so much as hammers in the coffin of your 20s.
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Nothing shines a light on your age like present teenagers

Sometimes you can’t even be in the same vicinity as them because they annoy you so much, but other times it’s that you don’t understand their slang, or find out about a meme or viral video too late. Then, even after you’ve seen it, you might not find it funny. There were several folks in their late 20s stumped by the recent ‘Damn Daniel’ epidemic and many of them wanted so badly to find it funny just to feel young again.
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