22 Stoners Share The Deep Thoughts They Had While High (And They Kinda Make Sense)

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We've all heard stoners ramble on about “reality" and “society” but every now and then they actually make an interesting point. As seen on r/highdeas, these imbibers stumbled onto something that had us thinking about the world in a different way. Please enjoy responsibly. 

  • 1. Icebreaker

    Photo: u/kickypie / Reddit
    27 votes
  • 2. It's Just A Matter Of Perspective

    It's Just A Matter Of Perspective
    Photo: u/viren_k2000 / Reddit
    51 votes
  • 3. Become The Edible

    Become The Edible
    Photo: u/SpadesQuiz / Reddit
    50 votes
  • 4. Read A Book!

    Read A Book!
    Photo: u/huckleberry_19 / Reddit
    43 votes
  • 5. Dem Bones

    Dem Bones
    Photo: u/NotoriousPhenomenon / Reddit
    24 votes
  • 6. Satisfying Lawsuit

    Satisfying Lawsuit
    Photo: u/kickypie / Reddit
    39 votes