Highest Beer Consumption Per Capita

This list ranks countries by their annual beer consumption per capita. The Irish and Germans may think they're the heaviest drinkers, but they're not. That honor goes to the Czechs. Beer is the most popular, widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, and third most popular beverage overall behind water and tea - meaning there are lots of biggest beer drinking countries. Beer may also be the oldest alcoholic beverage, with references to it found within some of humanities earliest known writings. Countries with high consumption of beer per capita likely have a culture that has been making brew for a long time. 

What countries drink the most beer? What's the average beer consumption of the country you're from? Today, regional beers are distributed and enjoyed world wide... And judging from this list, some countries enjoy their beer more than others, landing them a spot on this list of beer drinking countries.
Ranked by
  • Total consumption per person: 158.6 litres
  • Ireland
    Total consumption per person: 131.1 litres
  • Germany
    Total consumption per person: 110 litres
  • Austria
    Total consumption per person: 108.3 litres
  • Australia
    Total consumption per person: 104.7 litres
  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    Florida, USA
    Total consumption per person: 99 litres