The Highest Grossing Movies of 2019, Ranked

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Only 2019 releases that grossed over $50 million worldwide.

There are successful movies, and there are the highest grossing movies of 2019. Featuring superhero movies, anticipated sequels, and even original movies, this list of 2019 blockbusters includes all new movies that have worldwide box office grosses over $50 million. While some movies listed here might be considered box office bombs when considering their budgets, they have all made millions regardless of critical reception. 

Grossing over $1 billion worldwide, Marvel's Captain Marvel became the seventh highest-grossing MCU movie. Other top grossing movies of 2019 include Jordan Peele's Us, How to Train Your Dragon's final installment The Hidden World, DCs's Shazam!, and Disney's Dumbo. In Asia, Extreme Job became the highest-grossing comedy in Korea with $120 million, while Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth became the country's second highest-grossing with $700 million.

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