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The Best R-Rated Movies That Blew Up At The Box Office

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List RulesVote up your favorite R-rated movies that have grossed over $300 million.

Here is a list of the highest-grossing rated R movies of all time. They built up their box office gains from worldwide distribution and it is often difficult for R rated films to make so much money because they are instantly narrowing their audiences simply by being intended for adults. The movies on this list span across all genres, there are dramas like The Passion of the Christ alongside comedies like Pretty Woman. But which of these highest grossing R rated movies is the best?

Vote up the movies that you love regardless of how much they made at the box office. Then check back to see where your selections end up on the list and look for new rated R movies that get added to the list as they break records at the box office like Joker did when it crossed the billion-dollar barrier.

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