The Highest Paid NBA Players of 2013

This is a list of the highest paid NBA players of 2013, containing all of your favorite pimped out tall and gangly armed basketball professionals.  This list of richest basketball players spans from Kobe Bryant to Joe Johnson, from Carmelo Anthony to Derrick Rose. Have you ever wondered how much money Kobe Bryant makes in a year? Have you ever wondered how high Lebron James' salary is? Who is the highest paid basketball player? Who was the lowest paid basketball player? All of your monetary NBA questions will be answered on this list.

Are Basketball players paid too much? Are they making more money, or less money than ten years ago, and they so, are basketball players getting better each year? How much money do basketball players make compared to how much football players make? How about Baseball? Do Basketball players make more money than baseball players? 

Do your favorite basketball players make as much money as you predicted? Is Chris Bosh worth 19 million dollars? Is Dwight Howard play as well as 20.5 million dollars pays? This is a closed list, as facts are not up for discussion. But don't let that prevent you from voicing your opinions in the comments and sharing these ridiculous basketball statistics with your friends.