The Biggest Contracts in the NBA Right Now

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Only active players with contracts for at least $100 million.

The biggest contracts in the NBA are only getting bigger as the league revolves more and more around superstars joining superteams. To compete for a championship, the best teams in basketball know they need more than one James Harden-level player, which is why teams like the Brooklyn Nets have given out three of the biggest contracts ever — in order to pair Kyrie Irving with James Harden and Kevin Durant. LeBron James and Anthony Davis got big money from the Los Angeles Lakers, and even the Utah Jazz have Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell on gigantic deals.

41 active players in the NBA are on contracts of more than $100 million and just four are earning more than $200 million. It's an exclusive club that will make you scratch your head equally at the ludicrously overpaid (looking at you, John Wall) and the scandalously underpaid (just see how far you have to scroll before reaching Kawhi Leonard).

You might be surprised to find the Golden State Warriors, despite a down year, have two of the largest contracts in the sport’s history: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Some of the best players in the NBA could be on the move and signing new record contracts wherever they go this year. So keep checking back here because some of the biggest NBA contracts of 2021 may be off the list by this time next year.