This Woman Does Astounding Cosplay With Her Hijab, Fusing Fandom And Cultural Heritage

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Cosplay culture is one that embraces diversity, and cosplay from Miisa MHC is an excellent example of an international outfitter who fantasticality fuses geek fandom with cultural attire. Miisa MHC's cosplay is a vivid collection of designs and photography that features a hijab, a traditional veil worn by Muslim women that symbolizes modesty. Miisa HMC shows how to cosplay with a hijab, and she absolutely nails it.

Miisa MHC relentlessly tackles a variety of colorful characters in her amazing cosplay adventures, like her Lumpy Space Princess cosplay of Adventure TIme. Encompassing nearly every pop culture genre in her artistic and intricate costume designs, she crafts her own renditions of beloved characters including a hijab. With the same talent and eye for design as a professional cosplayer, she takes anime idols, American kids cartoon superstars, and video game realm celebs to new levels of style. Check out her awesome cosplay below and vote up the ones that blow you away!