This Woman Creates Incredible Cosplay Using Her Hijab And We Are LIVING For It

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One of the most talented makeup artists on Instagram uses her hijab to deliver innovative and stunning looks. Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati, aka queenofluna on Instagram, loves her faith, her makeup, and pop culture, all of which she brings together in her hijab inspired makeup looks. Similar to how Miisa MHC's cosplay incorporates her hijab, Saraswati's headscarf completes the look, a versatile accessory she uses to resemble hair, superhero hoods, and even a lion's mane. In fact, Saraswati's hijab makeup is so adaptable, she can turn into a Marvel character in one post only to become a Sailor Moon character in the very next one.

In addition to her well-known Disney-hijab makeup series, Saraswati also turns herself into faces from Adventure Time, American Horror Story, and even video games like Mortal Kombat. Rather than making her appear different or foreign, Saraswati's hijab makeup gives her a universal quality, a symbol that individual differences are the one key thing everyone has in common.