The Best Hiking Pants Brands

You have your trail mapped, you've packed tons of water, and you've enlisted a great hiking companion to accompany you. You've thought about everything. But have you thought about your pants? Jeans aren't going to cut it. Sounds like it's time to check out our list of best hiking pants brands.

Yoga pants are great for yoga and jeans are great if you're hiking the mall, but when exploring the great outdoors, your pants should be made with durable, quick-drying fabrics that offer protection against the elements. Pants made specifically for hiking are the number one way to protect your legs from poison ivy, other allergenic plants, and freezing temps as you head up those mountain peaks. Brr!!! We can't all be Bear Grylls, but we sure can wear his pants. Seriously, you can buy Bear Grylls-brand survival trousers. 

There are tons of brands to choose from. Some you've probably heard of, like Columbia, Patagonia, Black Diamond, L.L. Bean, and The North Face. All of those well known outdoor clothing brands offer hiking pants that will keep you comfy on the trail. You don't even have to sacrifice style for efficiency! Brands like Athleta, Rab, and Title Nine offer pants in awesome colors and styles! So, seriously, you can just leave those jeans at home.

Before you head out to explore the great unknown, take a look at our list and vote up the hiking pants brand that makes you feel as if you could conquer Everest! 

Ranked by
  • Columbia
    40 votes


  • Patagonia
    33 votes


  • Marmot
    21 votes


  • PrAna
    44 votes
  • Black Diamond
    22 votes

    Black Diamond

  • L.L. Bean
    16 votes

    L.L. Bean