26 Hilarious Design Fails That Shouldn't Exist

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The following design choices could have probably used a serious second opinion and probably even a third. These design choices will make you consider if their was even a designer involved at all. Vote up the funniest design fails from this reddit thread.

  • 1. Nice Disguise

    Nice Disguise
    Photo: u/puta_blyat / Reddit
  • 2. Where's The Off Switch?

    Where's The Off Switch?
    Photo: u/Iridalken65 / Reddit
  • 3. Pockets For Everyone!

    Pockets For Everyone!
    Photo: u/evening_shop / Reddit
  • 4. The Eiffel Tower Of Italy

    The Eiffel Tower Of Italy
    Photo: u/AmberedVal / Reddit
  • 5. Make It Make Sense

    Make It Make Sense
    Photo: u/Buddhacream / Reddit
  • 6. It's Called Art

    It's Called Art
    Photo: u/barebasem / Reddit