People Are Adding Captions To Epic Fantasy Paintings And They're Kind Of Hilarious

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High fantasy, usually a market reserved for nerds, now feels much more accessible for the masses thanks to the magic of epic fantasy painting memes. A combination of epic battles and first-world problems, high fantasy memes turn the everyday life into an everyday D & D campaign, if "D & D" stood for Dungeons and Dramatics. Mythic and monumental battle scenes act as the canvas upon which users inflate the drama behind commonplace activities and scenarios. Memes with high fantasy paintings, much like medieval reaction memes, imbue the original pieces with entirely new perspectives guaranteed to elicit laughs. Midnight snacks and customer service interactions become much more badass when you ascribe them the spectacle of a boss battle from Shadow of the Colossus.

Bring the excitement of Monster Hunter to your everyday life through this collection of high fantasy memes. Once your introduce these memes to your forum, group chat, or campaign, you'll officially brand yourself as Lord of the Zingers. Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? In the case of these memes, it's both.