13 Cases of Truly Unfortunate Ad Placement

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In the world of advertisement, you can't be too careful to make sure your product comes across correctly and as inoffensively as possible. However, you have very little control over what other company ads your own is juxtaposed against, with occasionally hilarious results. Here's a gallery of such hilarious instances, whether it's poorly placed web ad banners, overlooked print ad mistakes, or billboard ads that have been slightly modified. In any case, these are some serious advertising fails.
Which of these ad placement fails and funny, unfortunate billboard ad placements do you think are most accidentally terrible? Vote up the ad fails you think are the most hilarious, even though they weren't meant to be.

  • 1. Oh My... Look at That!

    Oh My... Look at That!
    Photo: Imgur
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  • 2. Starbucks SUCKS

    2,564 votes
  • 3. Giant Thirst?

    Giant Thirst?
    Photo: @aarimo / Twitter
    2,223 votes
  • 4. This Probably Doesn't Help Reduce Heart Disease

    This Probably Doesn't Help Reduce Heart Disease
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,754 votes

    Photo: Pinterest
    1,860 votes
  • 6. Jack's New 'Do

    Jack's New 'Do
    Photo: Pinterest
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