19 Hilarious GIFs of Models Falling on the Catwalk  

Robert Wabash
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GIFs of models falling on the runway. These supermodel runway fails found on the web are the gifs that keep on giving. Statuesque and sexy beauties like Naomi Campbell and Jessica Stam are known for working the catwalk and showing off the hottest looks by various designers. But even high fashion comes with its own set of issues, which includes having to wear ridiculously high heels, slippery runways, and other models possibly sabotaging them by cutting holes on the catwalk. It's hard out there for a model.

The term supermodel refers to a highly paid and internationally recognized fashion icon. These babes are often treated like celebrities, so it's hilarious to watch them lose their poise even for a second and eat it on the runway. The models on the list of runway fail gifs below have faced embarrassment at various fashion shows and lived to tell about it Some of these gorgeous girls even laugh it off because it's just part of the job. There are others, especially the models who have to follow behind them, don't see anything funny about wobbling on 10 inch heels or falling flat on their faces for the sake of fashion. We think it's hilarious and can watch these model fail gifs over and over again.

Whether they're tripping on their stilettos, slipping into swimming pools, or simply getting owned by the catwalk, the following supermodel fail GIFs are just plain awesome. If you think that's funny, then check out the 30 greatest rock star onstage fails of all time, cringeworthy reality TV show fails, and epic webcam girl fails.
It's Like Wearing Shoes Made of Ice


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The Watering Can Threw Her Entire Body Off-Balance

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