Fans Are Pointing Out Hilarious Things They Noticed About 'Harry Potter'

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The best place to get deep analysis and details about Harry Potter and the Wizarding World series is the internet, where fans tend to uncover character traits and mannerisms that were otherwise overlooked. While most of these steers toward the tragic side of things, there are also plenty of observations made that are a riot to check out. They provide an additional lens to perceive the series with, and offer a llighter viewpoint of the Harry Potter series since there's a fair amount of humor to be found here. 

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  • 1. Harry Realized He Was In Over His Head On His After Arriving At Hogwarts

    1,149 votes
  • 2. Harry Finally One-Upped Hermione By Using Muggle Tactics

    1,007 votes
  • 3. Ron Returned The Favor To Hermione For Teaching Him

    873 votes
  • 4. Ronald Weasley Was Always Prepared For A Prank From His Twin Brothers

    820 votes
  • 5. Albus Dumbledore Enjoyed The Romantic Drama Of The Students

    757 votes
  • 6. Ron Became Very Used To Harry Being In Danger

    967 votes