35 Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Prove This Fandom Is Absolutely Hilarious

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The Harry Potter fandom consists of some of the most loyal and devoted fans in the world - as well as the funniest. What better way to celebrate your love for Harry Potter than in the form of creative and hilarious Tumblr posts? This list will introduce you to some of the best ones, ranked by your votes.

Whether it's sharing lovely (yet amusing) anecdotes about how much the world loves Daniel Radcliffe or poking fun at the series' plot holes, these Tumblr posts will have you laughing your head off. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!

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    We Don't Deserve Daniel Radcliffe

    We Don't Deserve Daniel Radcliffe
    Photo: fangirladdie / Tumblr
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    Historical Accuracy

    Historical Accuracy
    Photo: catstiel / Tumblr
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    Plot Twist

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    Have A Biscuit, Potter

    Have A Biscuit, Potter
    Photo: teamrocketing / Tumblr