Hilarious Interviews From The Original Avengers That Prove They'll Always Be The Best

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The heroes of the Battle of New York-- the OG Avengers-- will always have a special place in our hearts. Hulk smashing. Hawkeye sniping. Thor thundering. The entire team fit seamlessly to form a unit we'd cheer on through the entire MCU Infinity Saga. But while these Marvel icons were saving the world onscreen, the actors who played them were delivering hilarious interviews behind the scenes. Scarlett Johansson revealed that Jeremy Renner basically survived on a diet comprised entirely of meatballs. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth had debates ranging from who is the more powerful superhero to whether or not Evans should be considered Hemsworth's adopted son. Chaotic as always, Robert Downey, Jr. let a foreign audience know that he will always be an uncultured American.

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