Hilarious Tweets Only Makeup Junkies Can Appreciate

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Makeup junkies hear all kinds of rude things about their makeup. Many men and women don't understand the artistry that is required for accurate buffing, blending, and baking. And when people don't understand they tend to criticize or offer compliments that are really just condescending. 

Fortunately, there is a place you can go when you're feeling attacked for your banging brow game or serious highlighter skills: Twitter. Yes, Twitter is the place MUAs go to vent. They share hilarious secrets about makeup, and only the truly beauty addicts will appreciate the humorous tell-alls. Make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara before you read on.

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    There's Always One Eyebrow That Just Isn't Doing So Well In Life


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    Good Witches Wear Dark Lipstick


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    You Have To Prioritize When It Comes To Makeup


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    Some Men Should Just Stop Mentioning Makeup All Together


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    What's More Important, Sneezing Or Long Lashes?


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    You Have To Prepared For Photo-Ops Even During Labor