18 Posts That Hilariously Call Out The Avengers

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The Avengers reigned victorious in The Battle of New York. With the help of other heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they defeated Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. In so many ways, they might be the most celebrated unit of superheroes to ever grace the big screen. That said, they're not perfect, which is something fans and meme-makers online aren't afraid to point out. For example, despite being an actual God with powers far beyond many of the mightiest MCU heroes, Thor seems to have a really tough time when faced (literally) with a pane of glass. On the other side of things, for someone with far less power, it seems odd that Hawkeye only takes about twenty arrows with him anytime he goes into battle. Some characters just can't seem to keep their stories straight. Over the course of the Infinity Saga, Bruce Banner can never seem to decide whether he's Hulk, a human scientist, or both!

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    The Real Black Sheep

    The Real Black Sheep
    Photo: Bobbie Moore / Pinterest
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    Plenty Of Ammo

    Plenty Of Ammo
    Photo: quickmeme
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    Embarrassing Hulk

    Embarrassing Hulk
    Photo: Novagapp / Pinterest
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    Most Valuable Avenger

    Most Valuable Avenger
    Photo: DBWhale / aminoapps
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    A Little Help, Tony

    A Little Help, Tony
    Photo: lucky69 / ifunny
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    Thor Can't Defeat Glass

    Thor Can't Defeat Glass
    Photo: Luvidi / Reddit
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