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Tony Stark is as cool as they come. His devil-may-care attitude, visionary inventions, and general dismissiveness of authority all add up to make Iron Man one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That said, Stark isn't immune to a little criticism. Fans online take delight in roasting the billionaire-turned-superhero for his ego, recklessness, and bad habits. There's even an incredible post that speculates what Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, and several others would title their books about Tony!

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    By The Book

    By The Book
    Photo: Sophie Valley / Pinterest
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    The Dark Stark

    The Dark Stark
    Photo: David Siemens / Pinterest
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    Get While The Getting's Good

    Get While The Getting's Good
    Photo: James Freaking Barnes / ifunny
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    OP BAC

    OP BAC
    Photo: SnoopSauce / Pinterest
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    Deadbeat Irondad

    Deadbeat Irondad
    Photo: incorrectmarvels / Tumblr
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    Plan B

    Plan B
    Photo: Jackie / Pinterest
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